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Letter of Resignation as President of the Twin City FM Club

Dear Twin City FM Club Members,
It is with great sadness that I must formally announce my resignation as President of the Board of Directors of the Twin City FM Club. It was a very difficult decision to make, as I am not a quitter. Certain unresolvable factors have forced me to leave my position, as I am no longer able to give the same care and attention to Club matters that I intended to give coming on as Club President. There have been many unforeseen challenges that I’ve worked through along the way, and there are many more to come. I must now focus my attention on my growing small business, and put my energy where it is most productively served. I appreciate all of the support that I’ve been given from some of you during my 16 months in my position, and I sincerely appreciate those of you who have gone out of their way to assist, provide volunteer support, resources, counsel, and other positive things which have been so vital to the evolution of the Club. Thank you. I wish I could say that my interactions with all of you have been positive, but sadly, the negative aspects to this position and certain negative interactions are the reason and cause for my desire to resign.

On another note, we had a very successful Open House at the Pavek Museum in March. We had 13 people pay membership dues, both new and renewing members. There were at least 40 people in attendance, and I know that a great time was had by all. To all of you who supported our Club and our Open House, I salute you. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Expect an email with the new Club leadership structure in the near future. I am not happy to have given up my post, but it was the only logical choice that I could make. I was not asked to resign, I did so of my own accord and for my own reasons.

All the Best to the Club and its membership.
73 For Now,
Rich Waryan

At the board meeting after Rich left, the remaining members of the TCFMC board, elected me as interim President until the next general election later this year.We are meeting next week to discuss upcoming events and meetings.

If you wish to have input, as your club President and Trustee, I am open to hearing what you have to say & we will listen with open ears.

Mike Miller
Trustee, Club President, and Webmaster


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Next Meeting is scheduled for May 23rd at WMLCC


Join us weekly on the Saturday AM Swap Shop 9:30AM 146.76


Repeaters & Nets

The W0EF repeater system is maintained and funded by the Twin City FM Club.  We welcome all licensed amateurs to

use the repeaters at any time. We especially welcome your assistance and support through donations and/or club dues

to help keep the W0EF repeater system on the air. But most of all, welcome to the W0EF repeater system!

Output Input Tone Notes
146.76 146.16 114.8 This multi-receiver unit covers most of the metro area. It transmits from approximately 250 feet above ground level, near the intersection of I-394 and Hwy 169 in Golden Valley. It is connected to EchoLink
444.1 449.1 114.8

This powerful 70cm repeater sees lots of use during morning and evening drive time. Equipped with a single receiver, it shares the same transmitter site as the 146.76 repeater.

444.125 449.125 114.8 This repeater covers the southern suburbs with its single reciever, transmitting from the Southdale Hospital located near Hwy 62 (Crosstown) and France Avenue in Edina.

Regular Nets:

Freq Day Time Net
146.76 Saturday 9:30 AM Swap Shop, the on-air hamfest!
444.1 Weekdays 7AM-9AM Informal drive-time net, join in and say hello!